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"One Network Structure" PDO retention trial extends 15% penalty rates to all posties

A culmination of many months of discussion and planning between your Union and Australia Post will see the introduction of a trial of the One Network Structure across segments of the delivery network shortly.

For far too long, posties at many workplaces across the country have been required to work side by side each other, performing the same duties to the same expected standards, while one takes home 15% less in wages than the other due to a half-hour variation in shift commencement times.

For many years pay disparity has resulted in a demonstrated exceedingly low morale amongst posties, along with poor retention rates – leading to higher overall labour costs.

The One Network Structure aims to change this.

National Secretary Greg Rayner, National President and NSW/ACT Branch Secretary Shane Murphy along with NSW/ACT Assistant Secretary Peter Chaloner, have spearheaded the discussions, planning and assessment process on behalf of the Union with senior management over many months to develop the blue-print for a trial which aims to deliver equally beneficial outcomes for both Australia Post and CEPU/CWU members.

The most recent of these talks, held earlier this month, has resulted in a comprehensive plan that will reorganise work functions and scheduling to maximise Australia Post’s product movement efficiencies.

Importantly for CEPU/CWU members, the trial structure is organised around local rostering arrangements which extend minimum 15% shift penalty rate to all PDO posties.

At this stage, Australia Post have agreed to implement the trial structure across a number of workplaces located in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

At a summit taking place between management and your CEPU/CWU National Officials along with every State Branch Secretary, your Union intends to seek, and is confident of obtaining, an extension of the trial to include sites across other states and territories.

This summit, being held over Tuesday and Wednesday this week, will aim to finalise trial site locations and the trial’s duration.

At the trial’s conclusion, a thorough assessment process to measure impacts and outcomes against key indicators will occur with a view to rolling out a successful final structure across the entire national delivery network.


Click here to view a copy of Australia Post's most recent letter to your Union regarding the trial

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