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Hands Off Aussie Post #HOAP

Campaign to defend Australia Post

The Abbott government’s Commission of Audit is widely expected to recommend changes to the role of Australia Post, including cuts to existing services and full or part privatisation.

The Hands Off Aussie Post campaign has been launched to help coordinate a community response to such moves.

It’s important that as many of us as possible send a strong message to Canberra opposing  any reduction of Post’s services, any winding back of its community obligations and any attempt to hand it over to the private sector.

HOAP - Act Now


Hands Off Aussie Post Senate Petition

The #Marchinmarch events all over the country were an initiative originally organised by a handful of committed people using social media.  A number of community groups spoke passionately on a range of issues. Your Union was included on the speakers list and the tens of thousands of participants were very supportive of the Hands off Aussie Post campaign. #HOAP

Your Union had a table set up distributing campaign leaflets and received hundreds of signatures on the Senate petition.

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The CWU has again queried the workforce strategy – or lack of it – that is leading Telstra to shed staff in Operations at the very time that NBN work is almost certainly coming its way.

This Monday’s press carried reports that Telstra was on the verge of signing a contract to build 300 FTTN nodes as part of the National Broadband Network (NBN) roll-out. Industry sources suggest the number could be even larger.

Contract negotiations are said to be still underway. But as the reports point out, the federal government is under pressure to start getting runs on the board. #auspol

Some initiatives to re-boot the #NBN roll-out need to be taken now even if all the details of any new deal with #Telstra aren’t fully sorted out.

Yet at this very time Telstra is making employees with network construction experience redundant, including designers and project managers whose skills are in short supply.

The CWU has made new representations to Telstra about the short-sightedness of these job cuts.

It has also pursued reports from the field that Telstra is continuing to use contractors in Operations areas where its own staff are being made redundant. Telstra had previously given assurances to the CWU that it was only using contractors in circumstances where it no longer had the internal resources to do the work. #ausunions

Members who have any information about the use of contractors in areas experiencing redundancies should contact their state branch.


Telecommunications / e-Bulletin

The long-running case relating to the underpayment of Telstra testers is due back in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on 29 April. This issue arose in 2012 when a number of testers who had been employed under individual contracts (AWAs) decided to come onto the newly negotiated Telstra Enterprise Agreement 2012-2015. A disagreement immediately arose about their correct banding level. Telstra said that they were CFW5s. Read More >

Postal / e-Bulletin

The CWU has written to AP seeking information on the impact on members of the unilateral changes announced by AP to the APSS defined benefit scheme. As members would be aware your National union sought commitments in EBA8 that ALL provisions in APSS would be protected. AP refused. It comes as no surprise to see these changes mooted by AP. Well over half of members are affected by these proposed changes the average gap between actual salary and salary calculated for superannuation purposes is $8,000. Read More >
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Communication Workers Union Petition Superannuation Changes to the Minister for Communications and Australia Post Board. We, the undersigned, are requesting that you intervene immediately regarding the Australia Post CEO’s move to unilaterally change Australia Post Superannuation Scheme benefits, including AWOTE arrangements and LWOP arrangements. Read More >

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