Equal Pay for Woman;

Until 1969, it was the law that women working the same job as men earned 25 per cent less. On top of this, women in many jobs were expected to resign from their jobs once they got married. Since 1969, campaigns by the CWU and other unions have contributed to women being gradually granted equal privileges to men; that is, they are paid an equal pay for an equal amount work.

By 1974 all women were finally entitled to equal pay for work of equal value, although women still earn less than men statistically.

36 ¾ Hour Working Week;

Along with other unions in Australia, the CWU achieved the standard 4 weeks Annual Leave (5 weeks for shift workers) for all workers in the 1970’s The first non-administrative union in the world to break the 40 hour week barrier, by winning the 36 ¾ hour & 9 day fortnight in Telstra in 1975.

Maternity /Parental Leave;

Along with other unions in Australia, the CWU fought and won the right to Maternity Leave & paid Parental Leave Scheme.


In the 1980’s the CWU achieved on of the best Superannuation scheme in Australia called the Telstra Super Scheme.


In 1991 the CWU achieved one of the best Redundancy Packages in Australia, within Telstra.

Right to Arbitration;

More recently the CWU has restored the members’ right to proper arbitration of disputes with employees. The Howard Government previously removed this.

Safe Work Conditions;

The CWU along with other Australian Unions with their members are responsible for making the workplace safer. Over the years workers have won many changes that keep workers safe and healthy. Regulatory improvements – such as establishment of workers compensation authorities, have only been established after long union campaigns in the face of employers who opposed it.

Australia Unions including the CWU took moves to fairly compensate employees who are injured at the workplace.

With the excess of 300 or more Australian work related deaths every year, there is still a lot more to be done.