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"Top line" issues in Decipha enterprise bargaining

The CWU was due to meet with Decipha on Thursday, 24 September for enterprise bargaining negotiations. But Decipha negotiators cancelled the meeting.

The most recent enterprise bargaining meeting with Decipha was held on Wednesday, 16 September.

In that meeting Decipha negotiators said that they wanted a roll over agreement.  And they wanted the union to drop off on its claims. But this time they were prepared to forgo their claims for greater workforce flexibility (i.e. reduced notice for roster changes and reduced minimum hours for new employees) and for the overtime meal allowance to be paid after 2 hours. And they put a wage offer of 3% p.a. over 3 years on the table.

The CWU negotiators indicated that the “top line” issues based on membership feedback were:

  • A fair wage increase. Rising living costs are hitting the mostly low paid part-time Decipha workers hard.
  • An improvement on the 15% penalty for work between 4am and 6am. Starting work at 4am and getting 15% for 2 hours is crazy.
  • Allowances adjusted in line with pay increases.
  • Increased employer Superannuation contributions for female workers. Because women have significantly less money saved for retirement and many will live in poverty when they retire. 

Other issues identified by members that Decipha has indicated it was happy to implement were: 

  • Fair and transparent internal advertising of all vacancies and higher duties so that all Decipha workers have the opportunity to apply.
  • Easy access to employee balances of accrued leave entitlements, e.g. sick leave.
  • Training in handling domestic and family violence to help workers access leave entitlements. 

Whatever they come back with, it is Decipha workers who must have the final say. 

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