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One Network

One Network Trial - We're at the halfway mark

This week, members at trial sites across the country commenced week 13 of the One Network Trial.

As the trial progresses, feedback from members located at trial sites continues to shape forward momentum as the model continues to evolve.

This is being achieved through the local consultative process involving the local working group committees, through higher level consultation with Branch Officials and State Branch Secretaries and through national summits involving your State and National Union leadership team and National management.

Below are some key matters dealt with through these processes.

Equipment and modes of transport concepts

The final ergonomic report surrounding the safe use of trial EDVs is due this week and will be subject to discussions in the new year. In the mean-time a comprehensive training package has been developed and shared with Branches for discussion.

An Australian designed and built EDV, separate to the Swiss built Kyburz vehicle currently in use, will be trialled in Victoria to determine if it is fit for purpose.

Further, 12 Volkswagen Caddy vehicles have recently been delivered to some of the trial sites. The vehicles are an interim solution to assist in determining a ‘proof of concept’ of various One Network initiatives including wave deliveries, shuttles and park and loop.

Post are also awaiting delivery of lockable trolleys to be trialled by walking beats.

Telematics and your privacy

Following negotiations with National Secretary Greg Rayner and National President Shane Murphy, a final acceptable agreement on the use of telematics has been reached.

Key outcomes of these talks safeguard the privacy of our members when undertaking duties utilising technologies primarily designed to support an increased focus on driver and rider safety and to meet ever demanding customer expectations – mainly in terms of the competitive space of online shopping deliveries

Specifically, any data captured by the use of this technology cannot be used in a capricious manner by authorised users – nor is it to be used to bully, intimidate or harass employees. Disciplinary action will apply if such occurs.

Existing penalty rates guaranteed

To enable maximum participation in the trial, Australia Post has guaranteed the penalty rates for those who were already attached to a penalty shift prior to the commencement of the trial – so long as the occupant remains to be a PDO at their present facility.

The 15% payment will be made and appear on their payslip as “One Network Incentive” regardless of shift commencement time.

Clarification on shift change proposals

Your Union has made it unequivocally clear to management that we are opposed to mandatory shift changes as part of the trial.

Although we acknowledge the 15% One Network Incentive payment guarantees that no loss of income will occur to members who, as part of the trial, agree to change their shift commencement time to a shift that ordinarily doesn’t attract a penalty rate – the personal circumstances of individual members, including their personal obligations outside of work, must be considered prior to any shift change proposal.

Therefore, the Union will only support agreed shift variations. Any attempt to implement mandatory shift changes will immediately be subject to dispute.

Thank you

We all know the end game and have worked considerably hard to get to this post. Your reps and your Branch and National Officials will continue to work through evolving issues with management to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome of the trial. Branch Secretaries will continue to discuss outcomes of key indicators directly with facilities to track changes and identify areas where more work is required.

We’re all working towards a model that will deliver pay equality for all posties across the country and at this halfway point we’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our delivery members participating in the trial who are also working toward this end-goal.


Yours faithfully, 


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