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Australia Post 3 Day Proposed Service 02

Australia Post 3 Day Proposed Service

Stamp on this idea.

Australia Post has been quick to come up with an idea to solve its losses on snail-mail. A survey asking people whether they would prefer to have their mail delivered three times a week or pay an annual $30 fee for the daily delivery is the thin edge of a particularly nasty wedge.

Why should customers have to pay for a service they already have and which is paid for by the stamp on the evelope?

Australia Post's answer is that it has delivered a billion fewer letters over the past 12 months. It made a loss on its mail business but made an overall profit of $312 million through other services. New technology has changed the way people communicate, but slugging the customer because the world has changed is not always best for business. Australia Post says its survey is "in no way an indication of what may or may not be implemented in the future".

Put a stamp on that and see what reply they get. Customers go into Australia Post shops to find their way through a maze of stands and displays selling everything but the service they want. There is a push to privatise snail-mail, but that would also mean charging more for it. Delivering letters is a service people rely on. Customers are entitled to having their mail delivered daily, but not with a $30 bill thrust through their letter boxes.


Australians View of their Own Australia Post Service.

  • If Australia Post only wants to provide a half service, we should only pay half the postage stamp price. - Rick

  • SIMPLE: it cuts its services in half or you $30 a week. - Matthew
  • This is all about making it more profitable to sell. And expect that $30 to be just the start once it is sold. - Margaret
  • When I was a kid we had two postal delieveries a day. Australia Post is supposed to be providing a service, not profit. How would you determine who has paid their $30 for everyday delivery? Do we put a sticker on our letterbox saying thee or five? - Richard
  • Wouldn't want to be waiting for a cheque in the mail. - Nelly
  • AUSTRALIA POST has everyone over a barrel. A large service bureaucracy is meant to give service nationwide, in its case mainly for letters and small parcels, not everything else. - John
  • The cost of delivery is supposed to be incorporated in a stamp. If it is having financial problems it ought to look at the bureaucrats dreaming up such ideas and reduce where necessary. - Ray
  • Did the survey ask "Do you want to continue to have your mail delivered daily at no cost?"? - Alan

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