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Jobs axed

378 jobs set to be cut as early as September 2014

Australia Post has now provided more detailed information on the first round of the 900 jobs to be axed.

378 jobs have been identified to be cut by September 2014. Of this 156 jobs are at the Award level and 222 at the Contract Management level. The balance of the 900 reductions is generally expected to be progressed after Christmas.

The jobs in scope include clerical, administrative, management, IT, HR, Retail, CMS, finance, back office, Decipha and StarTrack.

The jobs not in scope are customer facing jobs such as retail, delivery, operations and transport.

Click here to see a breakdown of jobs impacted on a Business Unit and State basis.

Post said it would commence consultation with employees affected by job cuts on 30 July 2014. These discussions will occur on a team and individual basis and will continue until at least 1 August 2014.

Your union gets an opportunity to talk to employees about how we might mitigate these job cuts. Every job is important to us. Workload, deskilling and retraining as a result of proposed job cuts are issues that should be discussed.

A person made redundant has a right to retraining. Access to training will facilitate a job swap for those employees who want to stay.

For employees in an acting role that is identified as surplus through this process only the acting role is abolished not the nominal role. Obviously there are still issues, especially with regards to pay at the nominal role.

Post is still refusing to rule out that no jobs will be outsourced. Independent contractors will be reduced they say, but this is in addition to the 900 reductions.

It is outrageous that long standing managers with industry knowledge and award employees who know the job are losing their jobs while contractors and new people continue to be employed.

These job cuts are a head count move – they decided how much they wanted to save and converted it to jobs – about 900.

We will fight to ensure that if a member wants to stay in Post, then our member will be fully supported by us.

Contact your CWU branch or National office on for help if your job or work area is affected.

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