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Telstra wideband


Telstra has recently conducted a review of Wideband Design roles. The aim, it says, is to sort out inconsistencies in the way banding is applied nationally and to address the issue of long term higher duties.

The CWU is aware of widespread concern among members and other employees about both the immediate outcomes of the review and its longer-term implications.

To address these concerns, the union needs, in the first instance, to have as complete a picture as possible of the impacts of this review on individual employees in areas where it is actually being implemented e.g. employees are (or aren’t) being upgraded to positions in which they have been acting, are or aren’t losing higher duties payments etc.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to answer the questions below.

The union relies on your input to be able to make informed and effective representations to Telstra on issues affecting your pay and conditions.

Below are questions that the CWU would like you to answer.

Please download the questionnaire and email back to the CWU ASAP!

  • Name (optional)
  • Current Job Title and classification (ie before review):
  • Have you been acting at a higher level for more than 12 months?  Y/N
  • If Yes, what level have you been working to?
  • New Job Description and classification level provided by your manager after review:
  • Does the new Job Description accurately reflect the work you do? Y/N
  • If No please describe functions/duties that you regularly perform that are above and beyond those in the new Job Description.
  • How often do you currently perform such duties above and beyond your current Job Description (e.g. 10%,20%,30%-100%of your time) as part of your normal duties i.e. without being paid a higher duties allowance?
  • Do the above duties fit with a higher classification level in your opinion if so what?


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