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UPDATE #7: Ballot now open - VOTE NO today - Don't Delay

Voting on Telstra’s penny-pinching pay offer is now open. It’s time to stand up and be counted — it’s time to vote NO.

Telstra’s disgraceful EA offer means:

No oversight of your bonuses. Telstra will remove all governance of bonuses from the EA and drop them into policy, giving management full control over all incentive based remuneration rewards.

Only 1.5% pay increase for Workstream employees. Workstream employees will receive just 1.5% per year over three years. With CPI running at between 1.9% and 2.4%, this means a pay cut.

No guaranteed pay increase for Job Family employees. Telstra is setting aside a 1.5% pay pool for all Job Family employees with no minimum increase safety net. This means Job Family employees could receive less than 1.5% - including nothing at all. Local management will have full discretion over not only your incentive pay, but any base remuneration increase.

Potential risks to your future wages, conditions and job security. Through Telstra’s Transfer of Business/Employment clause, retrenchment benefits will not be paid if you transfer to other employment or if you reject suitable employment with a Telstra subsiduary. After commencing, your new employer could apply to have their own enterprise agreement apply to you instead of the Telstra agreement. This places all your current terms and conditions including your wage classifications, 36.75 hour week, personal leave and redundancy benefits in jeapordy.


Voting is now open and closes at 1pm, this Friday 10 August. You, and your colleagues, need to vote NO to stop the above from becoming a reality. Not voting at all is as good as voting yes.

Vote NO today – don’t delay. Encourage all your colleagues to Vote NO and share this and all important EBA information from your Union with them.

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