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Posties and Dogs

Posties and dogs - a long-standing problem

Posties and dogs have a long-standing problem.  Dogs that run along the front fence, jumping up at the fence and barking can be threatening. Unrestrained dogs present risks of being bitten, chased and rushed at.

Post’s advice to posties that the best way to avoid injury is to stay away from unrestrained dogs is correct. But it is not that easy when workers are exposed to dogs on the street and when entering properties to deliver mail.

When a worker reports that he or she has been menaced or injured by a dog, managers have a duty to investigate and take action to protect workers from further exposure to the threat. Such action should include: suspending delivery to the specific address or street as appropriate to the dog attack risk, promptly contacting the customer and local council.

If your manager won’t take action you can:

  • Ask the HSR to raise the issue with management. HSRs have the right to direct a workgroup member to cease unsafe work if they have a reasonable concern that to carry out the work would expose them to a serious risk.
  • Exercise your right to cease unsafe work. Under the WHS Act workers have a right to cease work if they have reasonable concerns that carrying out the work would expose them to a serious risk to their health and safety from an immediate or imminent exposure to a hazard.
  • Ask your local CWU delegate or CWU branch organiser to represent the issue to management.

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