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Agreement reached on ADM Functional Allowance

Members would be pleased to learn that agreement has been reached with Australia Post in relation to clearly defined eligibility criteria for the payment of Divide and Functional Allowances to members at ADM sites.

Eligibility for these allowances has been a matter of contention for members. Work currently being undertaken under ‘temporary regulatory relief’ does not clearly align with work level standards nor existing classifications, thereby causing an inadvertent anomaly in eligibility for these payments in accordance with the EBA.

Therefore, the following criteria, which are more favourable than those provided for in accordance with EBA9, will apply from 26 March and remain effective until 30 June 2021 – being the remainder of the duration of ‘temporary regulatory relief’.

The Union is pleased to report that engagement with Australia Post in an effort to resolve this matter have been genuine and productive, and the delay in reaching agreement on this matter has only occurred due to an administrative oversight.

Therefore, the Union believes it to be pertinent to acknowledge Post’s engagement efforts and, particularly, their agreement to back-date payment of the allowance to 7 December 2020 on a best-endeavours basis. This means, in cases where there is insufficient information or evidence to validate claims, back-payments will not be automatic but will be considered on their merits.

PDO Type

Divide Allowance

    Functional Allowance

 Letters PDO

PDO is required to deliver to more than 100 delivery points outside of the Letters ADM round, in addition to their normal ADM round.

  • PDO is required to deliver to a full delivery round that is outside of the Letter ADM Round; or
  • PDO is temporarily allocated to a different mode (e.g. is required to deliver a Parcel ADM round). 

Parcels PDO

includes ‘Cindy’ an ‘Dan’


  • Parcels PDO will be allocated to an area covering 4 letter rounds (a ‘POD’). Performing deliveries outside the pod will trigger payment of the functional allowance; or 
  • PDO is temporarily allocated to a different mode (e.g. is required to deliver a Letter ADM round). 

Relief PDO (SPDO2)


PDO is required to deliver to more than 100 delivery points outside the Letter ADM round they are relieving on any particular day. 


Should you require any further information, please contact your State Branch Official.

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