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Result of vote

Members vote for strong, independent union

The result of the recent plebiscite on the proposed rule changes is now clear. Approximately two-thirds of members voted against the rule change.

The power to determine how the union is structured will stay directly with the national membership and will not be given to the Branch Officials and Committees of Management of each State Branch.

The democratic voice of the union’s members has come through loud and clear: we want an independent, member-controlled union.

We believe this should conclude the matter, but National ETU Secretary Allen Hicks has commenced action against the CEPU in the Federal Court.  His goal would allow the Electrical Division to change Communication Division Rules and even abolish the Communications Division, disrespecting your decision and ultimately trying to destroy your union.

The Federal Court has given members the right to be heard.  Members can file an "Notice of Appearance Form" before 30 June 2015, if they would like to be heard on the matter. See the tab “Notices” at for the court directions. You can lodge the Notice of Appearance Form yourself at the Federal Court or send it into the CWU National Office and we can lodge it on your behalf.

This case is being strongly defended because we do not want our assets, resources and future controlled by another union (the ETU) who have no experience fighting bosses in our industry.  We would become a minority within their membership with few rights. 

Please contact the union office and get active in the fight to save your union.

Your National Officials, Dan Dwyer, Len Cooper, Ken Hardisty, and Martin O’Nea believe in a strong, independent, united union, fighting for its members, not against them. We respect the rank and file control of the union, and call on those who have been fighting against the members to respect this decision, and let us get on with delivering the pay, conditions and job security communication workers deserve.

To join the fight to keep your union independent and strong, or on any other matter, please contact the National Divisional Office on: (03) 9349 2100 or email


In Unity

Dan Dwyer

CEPU (Communications Division) Divisional Secretary

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