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Aggressive customers will be asked to leave post offices following landmark win

To feel safe at work is a fundamental right of every worker in this country.

Unfortunately, for a number of members in retail, this has not necessarily been the case at times.

We all understand, from a customer’s perspective, that time is valuable. And as Australia Post continues to dish up staffing review after staffing review calling for more reductions in retail, waiting in longer queues for long periods can be stressful for our customers. We all live busy lives and can relate.

However, waiting in a queue to be served, or not getting the outcome you were looking for, doesn’t give anybody the right to act in a manner that makes our retail members feel unsafe while doing their jobs.

Following a number of concerns raised by members who have experienced such behaviour, Divisional Assistant Secretary Nicole Robinson and Divisional Vice President Elly Huttly have been pushing, for some time now, for clear notice to customers that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated in our post offices.

After drawn-out negotiations, we are pleased to announce, in a landmark win for our retail members, your Union has secured the provision of official notices to be erected in each outlet clearly advising customers that they will be asked to leave the premises should they engage in verbal or physical aggression.  

For those working in outlets that have experienced this inappropriate behaviour, this is a massive step forward as a proactive and preventative measure to ensure our post offices remain safe and healthy workplaces.

However, Australia Post’s approach to distributing and alerting members of this new notice leaves a lot to be desired – adopting a voluntary-type approach to postal managers accessing, printing and displaying the notice which, in their words, “may not need to be displayed at all times”.

On the contrary, we strongly encourage all members, and their postal managers, to download, print and display the notices immediately in their workplace. The notice can be accessed at Knowledge Hub | People / Process | Notices & Holiday Arrangements | Public Notices | We are here to help you.

The notice can also be downloaded directly from the Union’s website by clicking here.

Members are advised to contact their State Branch Official immediately should management refuse to display the notice at their post office.


Yours faithfully,
Greg Rayner,

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