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Australia Post caught out on spin

Australia Post ‘genie in a bottle’ thought bubble not a real plan

The union representing postal workers today put Australia Post on notice that any plans to have posties completing all sort of odd jobs would be met with fierce resistance.

National Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) Greg Rayner said today’s report that Australia Post was planning for posties to do everything from looking after family pets to checking electricity and water meters as well as being a nursing aid for the elderly were an indication that Australia Post had no idea how to diversify its business.“Posties aren’t Australia Post’s genie in a bottle, they’re trained and hired to deliver the mail – and they’re not resourced, skilled or paid enough to be the new community genie,” Mr Rayner said.

“Instead of undeveloped thought bubbles about posties doing everything from meter readings to caring for the elderly and family pets, Australia Post should focus on allowing their posties to deliver the mail on time.

“If we are talking about what roles posties play within Australia Post’s goal to diversify its business, let’s see a credible plan from Australia Post including an investment in skills and training for staff.”

With expectations that today’s mid-year profit results will see a continued decline in Post’s letter business, NSW Secretary of the Communication, Electrical and Plumbers Union (CEPU) Jim Metcher said the union was willing to work with Australia Post on diversification, but plans had to be grounded in reality.

“It is critical we develop a long term plan for the future of Australia Post so that this national icon continues well into the future, and the 32,500 jobs that Post supports are protected,” Mr Metcher said.

“But the fact is posties are not currently resourced, trained or paid to complete the type of genie tasks the Australia Post executive group are dreaming about.

“If Australia Post wants to increase pay, provide funding for training on new skills to cover the new work, then we are all ears and willing to participate in talks. Until then, these ideas are not worth the paper they’re written on.”

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