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Consultation on Broadcast Australia Job Cuts continues

Your Union met with senior management representatives from Broadcast Australia to progress the consultation process surrounding the company’s proposed employment reductions. 

The company’s current proposal is 12 redundancies will occur by 5 April 2019 across all of Field Services with another 11 roles to be made redundant by 7 December. At this stage, 7 December is only indicative and is subject to change closer to the end of the year. 

The geographic location breakdown of affected roles are as follows: 

  • WA/NT:              6  
  • SA/VIC/TAS:       8
  • QLD:                  4
  • NSW:                 5

The limitations of geography may restrict the availability of redeployment options for some impacted employees. However, the company has a number of active tenders for contracts they are currently waiting for an outcome on where management have expressed strong prospects of success.

Should this occur, the proposed reductions would be reduced due to new work offerings becoming available for members to continue in their employment. Further, we have sought for the company to provide us with data around current overtime levels, as members have raised concerns about an increase in workloads brought about by the proposed job cuts.

Should the reduction proceed as proposed, your Union has secured agreement from BA for affected members who are successful in obtaining a job offer outside the company to still receive full redundancy benefits provided for under the EBA prior to the current planned December exit. 

There may need to be some flexibility around exit dates due to projected workload requirements up until December and affected members who are already actively seeking employment outside the company, or planning to commence the search in the near future, are encouraged to speak to their State Branch Official for advice in proceeding down this path in order to maximise the benefits available to them. 

We will keep members up to date as consultation on this major change progresses. In the meantime, should you require any further information, please contact your State Branch Official for assistance.

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