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Australia Post wants you to work for nothing for 5 days

Australia Post wants you to work for nothing for 5 days - that is the effect of Post’s proposed change to pay which would shift the payment of wages back one week. An adjustment to catch up would be made on termination of your employment. Click here to have your say

Currently you are paid on every second Wednesday up to that Wednesday. Post wants to pay you every second Wednesday up to the previous Wednesday. This delay of one week causes the loss of a week’s pay as Post transitions to the new arrangement.

Post proposes to offer a ‘loan’ in the week when you would not receive any pay which would be repaid over 3 or 6 or 8 pay periods.

The CWU national office of your union believes that Post’s proposal is fundamentally flawed. It is absolutely clear that under their proposal you lose a week’s pay this year.

Your union has demanded a payment of one week’s pay in the proposed transition week. The reasons are obvious. Postal workers should not lose a week’s pay. Many workers cannot run their lives without a week’s pay.

The benefit of variable payments such as overtime etc. being paid at the same time as base pay is far outweighed by the loss of a week’s pay. We at CWU argue an alternative strategy that is neutral costwise. Australia Post can make permanent a "loan of" a week’s pay, cancelled out on termination. This results in the same cost to Post and workers are not out of pocket or they can abandon the change to pay.

Click here for latest FWC Recommendation from the Conference of 25 July 2014.

Click here to see a graphical representation of the existing pay system, Post proposal and the CWU proposal. We assure you that we are strongly opposing any change that would see members lose a week’s pay.

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