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PDO packet & parcels


The last 12-18 months has seen a significant increase in the quantity and size of packets and parcels streamed to Delivery Facilities for sorting, scanning and delivery by Postal Delivery Officers (PDOs).

Australia Post’s aggressive pursuit of parcel delivery market-share is supported by your Union as it continues to offset the decline in traditional small letter volumes. As such, we continue to advocate for the ongoing streaming of small packets and parcels to our posties in order to sustain traditional, 5-day delivery based, permanent and full-time delivery jobs in to the future.

However, it is crucial that safe work practices are not neglected during this transition, and a continued point of concern for our members is the ability to safely handle and deliver an increasing number of larger parcels using current modes of transport and equipment.

When streaming these articles to PDOs for delivery, the current parcel gauge is to be used as a guide, only, when determining whether a certain packet or parcel can be safely delivered via traditional methods.

Those safety concerns have emanated from an article’s irregular size and weight, the ability to safely transport the article in pannier bags or backpacks with flaps fully closed and excessive additional travel required to and from depot boxes.

These are examples only and there may be other safety concerns unique to particular delivery facilities.

If a PDO believes an article streamed to their round is unsafe for delivery via their current mode of transport or equipment, it may be “thrown off”. 

Each Delivery Facility, through consultation with members and their AURs, should have in place an agreed process to safely deliver articles that are unsafe for delivery by PDOs.

A common sense approach, with a focus on the safe delivery, not only of packets or parcels but all mail product is the key.

Your Branch Official should be contacted for immediate assistance if you feel pressured to deliver a mail product that you believe poses a risk to the health and safety of yourself, a co-worker or members of the public.

Should you require assistance, or any further information, please contact the National Office or your State Branch Official.

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