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Bargaining back on track at Telstra, following misleading statements

Dear members,

Yesterday we wrote to you about concerning statements made by the NSW T&S and Victorian Branches in relation to the recommencement of bargaining with Telstra.

The claims made by those Officials were purposely misleading and their reckless misrepresentations of what has actually occurred during the course of bargaining were made without regard for the possible impacts on ensuring all three Unions who make-up the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) adhered to the workplace laws governing the bargaining process – and at the potential expense of actually delivering an EBA outcome that members and their families had lost income, through industrial action, fighting for.

We advised you that Telstra had yesterday written to us, indicating a reservation of their rights in relation to good faith bargaining, and that we would be taking the necessary steps to alleviate Telstra’s concerns to ensure that bargaining would continue, in good faith. Click here to view a copy of Telstra’s letter to your National Divisional Office, and click here to view our response.

We are pleased to report that late yesterday afternoon, we achieved just that – with Telstra indicating their acceptance of our undertakings. Click here to view Telstra’s letter confirming that bargaining will proceed.

As a Union, we are bound to adhere to the complex workplace laws that govern the bargaining process, just as employers are. All Mr Dwyer and his Victorian cohorts achieved by using internal Union politics to misrepresent the true state of bargaining was give the employer a ‘free kick’ in the legal department – putting ongoing bargaining with Telstra and our members’ livelihoods at a real and serious risk.

These individuals need to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and remind themselves of who they work for and who pays their wages.

Thank you to members who brought these statements to our attention, allowing us to act promptly.

These negotiations have been hard fought by members and their families and we will not allow those who were responsible for the 40-week redundancy debacle in the Telstra Modern Award to jeopardise reaching Agreement on a new EBA for the sake of cheap political point scoring. It is simply disgraceful.

If you come across any unsolicited information about your EBA that you’re unsure about – please alert NSW/ACT Officials Peter O’Connell or James Perkins, QLD Official Mark Kiwi Templeman, SA/NT Official Graham Lorrain or WA Official Clinton Thomas as soon as possible to ensure these talks are not again put at risk.

Yours faithfully,


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