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95% Yes for Decipha EBA

CEPU/CWU members across the country have voted overwhelmingly to approve their new Enterprise Agreement at Decipha.

As with other employer groups like Australia Post, the Federal Liberal Government has severely restricted bargaining outcomes, including capped wage increases.

Despite the Liberals’ bargaining policy, your Union has delivered an EBA that provides for: 

  • 2% per annum wage increase for the next three years, being the maximum allowed by the Federal Government’s workplace bargaining policy
  • 1% One Team Bonus each year for three years subject to achievable conditions
  • Protection of all your current entitlements and conditions
  • Facilitate local and state joint consultative forums involving your local representatives and your Union
  • Genuinely explore opportunities for employees transferred to lower duties, due to redundancy, to return to their previous level, subject to availability of positions and the employee being able to meet the role requirements
  • Facilitate discussions with the Union to develop a set of protocols to ensure fairness when allocating duties, workload, training and opportunities to earn additional income through higher duties and overtime
  • Improvements to personal leave – now three days total without a medical certificate (more than two consecutive days still requires certification)
  • Improvements to Annual Leave accruals – members are no longer forced to avail of all their annual leave accrual within 12 months. This has been increased to 24 months, allowing members to save more leave if they are planning a longer break or a special trip
  • Improvements to paid domestic violence leave – permanent employees 10 days, casual employees 5 days available immediately without exhausting other available leave first. 

87% of eligible employees participated in the vote. Of those, a whopping 95% voted yes to lock in their new Union EBA. 

Decipha are now taking steps to lodge the Agreement with the Fair Work Commission for approval and have requested that it receives priority consideration for approval – a move we support.   

The first 2% annual wage increase will be paid effective from the first full pay period after the Agreement is approved and commences. 

The additional 1% One Team Reward bonus will be paid to members within their next full pay cycle. 

Your Union will now be working hard to ensure management stick to their commitments and that we maximise the benefits delivered to members by this Agreement. 

In the meantime, should you require any further information, please contact your State Branch Official.


Yours faithfully,

Nicole Robinson,


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