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Safety Commission slams intentional Australia Post workers' comp delays

The Commonwealth Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC) has today announced regulatory action being enforced against Australia Post after finding the Corporation breached its licensing conditions under the Commonwealth’s workers’ compensation self-insurance scheme. 

The Union has long complained of internal performance targets for the reduction of Loss of Time Injuries (LTIs) linked to management financial incentives. In late 2008, the Union launched our Cash for Compo campaign which targeted this management bonus scheme along with the use of facility nominated doctors who we alleged were prematurely sending sick and injured workers back to work – resulting in a reduction of LTIs linked to that worker and their particular facility. This campaign led to a Senate Inquiry and outcomes in EBA7 which were designed to end the Cash for Compo culture within Australia Post. 

As we fast-forward ten years, today’s announcement comes off the back of an investigation conducted by the SRCC which has found damning evidence of deliberate delays in processing workers’ compensation claims to meet internal Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate targets in 2012 – 2013 and 2013 – 2014. 

Australia Post asserts no financial benefits were linked to the deliberate delays but accepts the findings of the SRCC investigation, nonetheless. 

National Divisional Secretary Greg Rayner said “We’ve been raising these concerns for years and today’s announcement justifies the aggressive approach our Officials have adopted when seeking fair outcomes when representing sick and injured workers at Australia Post. 

“There is no excuse for the Corporation’s breach of compensation law in multiple cases between 2012 and 2014 and the findings that the delays were deliberate is an absolute disgrace.” Mr Rayner said. 

National Divisional President Shane Murphy said “The outcomes of the SRCC’s investigation are damning, but sadly, not surprising. We’ve been raising these concerns and seeking justice for our members for a very long time. 

“The Union is today demanding for a review of each and every claim where the SRCC found breaches – with our full involvement. 

“The SRCC has directed Australia Post to redress any disadvantaged claimants within six months. We will be holding Australia Post to account on this and demanding justice be delivered for these people – who did nothing wrong other than falling ill or becoming injured as a result of their attendance at work.” Mr Murphy said. 

Although these findings were limited to the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 financial years, your Union wants to hear from members who, at any time, have encountered difficulty in having their workers’ compensation claims dealt with. Please contact your State Branch Office to tell your story and for immediate assistance. 

Further, and as a reminder, when you become sick or injured in the course of performing your duties at Australia Post, do not attend an Australia Post nominated FND/WorkReady doctor. See your own medical practitioner. Your own treating doctor is best placed to determine a course of action that puts the interests of your health and safety before the interests of Australia Post. 

Click here to read the SRCC’s media release announcing their findings.

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