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Our once-iconic telco is being run into the ground - and you're paying for it

Andy and his mob of executives are running our once-iconic national telco into the ground.

And with the way things are going – they would have you believe it was you that fell asleep on the job.

Was it you that farmed out Telstra’s customer solutions work to India and the Philippines?

Was it you that sacked thousands upon thousands of skilled technicians to implement shonky contracting schemes that saw a gold-plated Rolls Royce of a telecommunications network rot away into a rusty old Datto?

Whether it be infrastructure related, service related, customer related – everybody is getting really sick of Telstra, really fast. Including shareholders – with economists today predicting a 27 per cent reduction in full year dividends.  

Andy Penn-ypincher and his gang of execs are highly paid to make the right calls. They are paid the big bucks to drive strategy and initiative to determine the company’s success.

In fact, it would take the average Telstra worker 200 years to earn what Andy’s top 6 execs collectively take home in just one.

So why is it when those strategies fail, it is workers who are being asked to pay for their mistakes?

Why is it that 9,500 of your colleagues are being put on the dole queue?

Why is it that those who remain are being asked to cop a pay-cut, in real terms?

Our members don’t sleep on the job. They come to work and do what’s required of them.

Andy Penn-ypincher and his mob of executives are coming to work, derailing the joint and still taking home millions.

And they want you to pay for it with a pay cut.

It isn’t fair. Telstra workers and their families deserve better.

Time is running out – if you haven’t posted back your ballot paper yet, do it today, before it’s too late.

A vote not returned is as good as a vote of confidence for Andy and his mob.

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