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Bargaining Update: Talks continue despite lockdowns

Bargaining for EBA10 continued over the past two weeks with meetings focussed on matters directly raised in our log of claims developed based on responses to our member survey.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions affecting different parts of the country, talks continued both in person and via video conference and focussed on advancing our claims around improving pay and superannuation – unconditionally, job security and maximising quality full-time jobs, health and safety, the dispute resolution and consultation processes, accommodating members’ access to their leave entitlements and improving members’ access to flexible working arrangements (including working from home).

Robust discussions continue over a detailed plan to ensure members have a genuine seat at the table in the development of a new delivery model to replace the ADM.

As stated previously, this issue is incredibly important not just to our members in delivery who undertake the last-mile – but our members across every part of Australia Post – where job security is dependent on Australia Post actually providing the quality of service that keep your customers loyal – rather than them looking for alternatives from competitors.

We are seeking a detailed terms of reference document that locks members in squarely to the driver’s seat in determining how any new model would be developed and implemented at the local level – and how those guidelines are developed, managed and enforced by a genuine oversight body that includes not only your senior Union officials, but rank-and-file AURs from our workplaces.

There are a few outstanding matters of contentions within Australia Post’s latest proposed amendments to this draft framework, but we are overly confident that agreement can be reached. More so, we are hopeful that agreement can be reached, sooner rather than later – so we can bury ADM once and for all.

The CEPU remains steadfast in maintaining that any new model must address the following principles, that you told us were important to you:

  • One run per postie, delivering five days per week;
    • The postie should deliver all categories of mail on that round, subject to members’ local consultation
  • The ongoing maintenance of traditional take-home pay components, such as penalty rates, or equivalent monetary compensation;
  • Restoring entitlements and benefits lost across all workforce areas impacted by the temporary reform and COVID-19 changes; and
  • Sufficient resourcing, modelled around quality permanent jobs – and where that work offering can efficiently be modelled around full-time employment, this should always be the preferred method of engagement.

We’ll keep members up to date as the bargaining process continues. Make sure you log on to our dedicated campaign website at and register your email address with your State Branch Office to ensure you receive important EBA updates as soon as they’re available.

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