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Aus Post Tech Review: Union wins significant classification upgrades

As you are probably aware, the Union secured a framework to review the technical classification structure as part of EBA10 negotiations.

Since November 2021, a committee made up of Union and management nominees have been actively meeting in order to analyse the technical structure across large processing facilities.

Today, I am pleased to advise members that through this review, the Union has been successful in securing the following major outcomes:

  1. Upgrade planners to the PTO7 classification;
  2. Upgrade 2ICs to the PTO6 classification where there are sufficient PTO4s in the team to warrant a second supervisory role;
  3. Upgrade all team leaders to the PTO7 classification; and
  4. A competency methodology will be developed and shared with the Union, to assess members in order to remove current qualification barriers preventing their progress to the PTO4 level.

The Union’s proposal to upgrade all SMEs to the PTO8 classification was rejected – an outcome National Assistant Secretary James Perkins, who led the Union’s delegation through the process, said is opposed by the Union.

“It is our strongly held and unwavering position that these positions should be upgraded, as a matter of urgency,” said James.

“We will continue to pursue this upgrade for our members across every possible avenue available to us.”

In order to assess the matter further, Australia Post has agreed to establish a national joint consultative committee (JCC) with the Union to continue scrutinising the proposal.

Despite the SME matter requiring further work, the outcome overall is extremely positive and, in our opinion, well overdue for members working across the technical and engineering workforce.

“A massive congratulations goes to our local workplace representatives who took part in this process,” added James.

“This fantastic result is owed to the diligence in the way you conducted yourself on the committee and your determination and hard work in effectively representing your workmates,

“Outcomes like this, along with the upcoming 6.1% inflation-busting wage rise, are excellent reminders as to the importance of being a Union member.”

In order to continue to deliver the very best outcomes for our members, it is important that our density at Australia Post continues to grow.

If you work with somebody who is not yet a member of the CWU/CEPU, ask them to join today.

Should you require any further information, please contact your State Branch Official.


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