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ADM: Daily smartphone survey is live, 15% now payable across most sites, understaffing causing fatigue and workplace stress

By now most ADM sites are “live” in some form or another and the 15% ADM payment is now payable across the majority of identified sites. For members at sites yet to go live, the 15% payment will begin from 30 September at the latest.

However, as predicted by many, service delivery is suffering serious detriments.

With widespread reports of letters being withheld in breach of the Morrison Government’s regulations, and significant parcel volumes being withheld and brought back undelivered, daily – it is becoming clearer every day that the government has regulated to accommodate Australia Post’s understaffing problems, rather than ensuring the public are receiving their parcels any quicker.

And it’s not just services that are suffering – according to reports from across the country, morale has never been lower and workplace stress levels have never been higher as posties can simply not get through the never-ending mountain of work at their frames.

As fatigue creeps in, Australia Post must act to prevent the serious risks to the health and safety of posties that are emerging across the network as a result of inadequate staffing around ADM.

Fighting their data with yours

It is imperative that our members continue to share accurate information with their Union and to make this easier, we have today launched an online efficiency survey.

It is critical that members are completing this survey every single day. The aggregate collection of this data will assist with countering against the averaged data the bosses rely on, against real world experiences by our posties.

We will hold Australia Post and the Government accountable to providing the efficient service they promised the public, and a safe workplace for our members, but we need each and every member to participate in this disciplined process – so we can fight their data, with yours.

The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete at the end of each shift and is smartphone friendly.

The survey can be accessed at:  - bookmark it in.

The survey also allows members to upload photos of any letters or parcel class product that is withheld or brought back. The survey will allow you to proceed without uploading any photos, however providing them at this time is strongly encouraged. If you have more photos to share, please send them to for collation – please note your workplace in the subject field.

Importantly, any photograph or data you provide to us will not be used in a way in which identifies you without obtaining your clear and express permission.

Should you require any further information, please contact your State Branch Official.


Yours faithfully,

Greg Rayner,

Divisional Secretary.


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