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health and safety reps

Powers of a Health and Safety Representative

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act)

What you can do as an HSR

  • Represent workers in WHS matters - Section 68 (1) (a)
  • Monitor the measures taken by the PCBU - Section 68 (1) (b)
  • Investigate complaints - Section 68 (1) (c)
  • Inquire into anything that appears to be at risk - Section 68 (1) (d)
  • Inspect the workplace - Section 68 (2) (a)
  • Accompany an Inspector - Section 68 (2) (b)
  • Be present at an interview - Section 68 (2) (c) & (d) Note: Between workers & PCBU, or Inspectors - with the consent of the worker
  • Request the establishment of a Health & Safety Committee (HSC) - Section 68 (2) (e) and Section 75
  • Receive information concerning the Work Health & Safety of Work Group members - Section 68 (2) (f) Note: Personal or medical information can only be provided with the consent of the worker, or in a form that doesn't identify the worker
  • Request the assistance of any person - Section 68 (2) (g) Note: This includes a Union Organiser
  • Direct work to cease - Section 85 Note: After the initial 5 Day HSR Training
  • Issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) requiring the PCBU to take certain actions - Section 90 Note: After the initial 5 Day HSR Training
  • Represent members of other Work Groups - Section 69 (2) & (3) Note: If there is a serious risk, or you are asked - and that HSR is not found
  • You have no duties and are not personally liable - Section 66 and Section 68 (4)

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