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"Indoor Planner" - Back to the Future

Management will be progressively rolling out their new “Indoor Planner” tool across delivery facilities in the coming weeks.

The Indoor Planner is nothing but a return to what we believe is a flawed system experienced by members in the past.  Members have long memories and would no-doubt remember the NEVER agreed to sort rates and miscellaneous times that formed individual assessments of posties prior to the introduction of the NDMT.

Australia Post claim they have developed the program in response to results in the Say To Action survey indicating a desire for action to be taken against ‘underachievers’ and that posties ‘wanted’ to know their actual time out every day.

We call BS on both of those management “excuses”.

At the commencement of meetings with your Union, Australia Post tabled a scan and sort rate of 6-8 small packets and parcels per minute - Again the CWU/CEPU called BS on this.

We engaged with them in order to gather information that would support altering their decision on this matter. As part of this process, we conducted our own physical assessment over a period of two weeks with our members undertaking a real time analysis, on the time it takes to count, scan and prepare parcels and packets for delivery.

At the end of the real time trial, the CEPU/CWU and Australia Post met to discuss the outcome of the trial. At this meeting your Union tabled our data which shows an average of around 2.6 articles per minute can be achieved under optimal circumstances. However, during the discussions it was clear that Australia Posts position had come back from 6-8 per minute and intend to implement a rate of 3.5 articles per minute with a 5 minute buffer that gives a range from 3 articles per minute.

In all the physical surveys we conducted with the assistance of local reps, the average sort rate achieved was not 3 -3.5 articles per minute , therefore this sort rate IS NOT AN AGREED SORT RATE.

As was the case with the former system, the Union is once again advising members not to engage with management alone over any discrepancies with your “indoor” times.

The CWU/CEPU argued for and obtained agreement that daily assessments will not be posted or provided to individual PDO’s unless requested by any individual postie. Should management believe you are falling well below your assessed times the process in the next paragraph will commence.


Management intend to introduce a “supportive discussion” process prior to reaching the disciplinary level should their times not be met. Members should take their AUR to every single management initiated  “discussion” regarding any assessments.

Should members find themselves subjected to the disciplinary process, they should contact their Branch Official immediately for assistance. We believe the implemented rates to be unachievable and will fight each and every occurrence, just as the case was under the former  system.

In the meantime, should you require any further information, please contact your Branch Official for assistance.


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