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Jojie Vivar

Vale Jojie Vivar

It is with deep sorrow that we inform members of the passing of a highly-valued member of our organisation — NSW Branch Administration Manager Jocelyn (Jojie) Vivar.

Members would be familiar with their officials who they talk to and come across in their workplaces from time to time, but not many would be familiar with the important work undertaken by your Union’s administration support teams.

Jojie commenced her employment with the CEPU NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch (then APTU NSW Branch) administration team in 1989, shortly after migrating from the Philippines — a journey she undertook as a lone, young woman seeking a better future in Australia.

It wasn’t long before Jojie, a highly educated and qualified accountant, progressed to leading that team.

In a career spanning almost three decades, she became the backbone of an operation critical to the day to day functioning of the Branch and did so proudly and unwavered in loyalty and dedication to our members.

Jojie loved our Union and was truly passionate about advancing our cause.

She would often correlate our organisation’s values with her own Australian story. She would explain her gratitude to the Union in taking a chance on her — providing her with the opportunity of a permanent job and a future in her new home nation.

Sadly, last week Jojie, at the prime age of 56, lost her two-year battle with Breast Cancer. This unfortunate turn of events follows the passing of her younger sister Juvelyn at the age of 54 only four weeks ago and also from a very early Cancer diagnosis.

A significant hole has been left in our organisation with Jojie’s passing.

We will grieve the loss of a tremendous woman and a dear friend, however our grief is little compared to what Jojie’s family and friends must be confronting and feeling at this moment.

With that our hearts and prayers go out to Jojie’s family and friends during this most difficult time.

Rest in Peace Jojie. You are a legend within our CEPU family and will forever be in our hearts and minds. 

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