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Australia Post is currently working to refresh its uniform and in June this year conducted a review of its uniform offerings. Over 2,500 employees took part in that process.

Australia Post says the results of that review have been consolidated to inform the new uniform design and the company is now ready to start the next phase of the program with wearer trials which will commence in the second half of 2024.

500 employees across retail and operations will be invited to participate in the trial – 50% of those participating will consist of members nominated by the Union.

Uniform pieces:

  • Participants will have 5 items to test as part of the trial
  • A small selection of items from the new range to be trialled by each participant
  • The capsules contain items that have been selected to suit different roles


Locations & climate:

  • Australia Post want to test in all states and territories to get climate variability feedback
  • Participants may receive a capsule that is designed for warmer weather or cooler weather based on their location
  • This won't be a limitation when the full range is released as members will be able to order according to personal preference



  • Recruitment of participants for the trial will commence shortly
  • Once participants have been selected they will be invited to order their trial items from our online ordering portal.  Ordering will commence in the New Year
  • Garments will then be manufactured, and sent to participants in approximately August 2024
  • Participants will be required to wear their uniform for around 3 months
  • At the end of the trial, participants will be asked to complete an online survey
  • Feedback will be fed into the design process before bulk production commences
  • The new uniform will be available in 2025

It is anticipated that there will be more volunteers than there will be participant spaces.

Therefore, if you are interested in being considered to participate in this trial, please contact your CWU Branch Official as soon as possible to express your interest.

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