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Ventia seeking to slash pay and conditions as bargaining commences

Negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) at Ventia Telecommunications kicked off last week, with CWU bargaining reps outraged at the company’s opening position.

Ventia’s initial bargaining position, if not improved, would cause members’ wages to go backwards, in real terms, at a time when it can be least afforded – along with a number of provisions and protections removed from the Agreement.

Ventia’s paltry initial pay offer would see wages increase by just 1.5% annually. With CPI running at 5.4%, Ventia’s wage position would leave members 3.9% worse off, year on year, over the life of the proposed Agreement.

Furthermore, Ventia is seeking to:

  1. Remove 15% loading for employees performing the work of supervisors;
  2. Slash the on call/standby rate to a flat rate payment of just $120 per week;
  3. Cut recall engagements to a minimum of just two hours, and only once per day, along with removing the multiple recall clause;
  4. Lower the rate of payment for work performed on public holidays to double time; and
  5. Have the ability to force you to travel an additional 40 minutes each day, in your own unpaid time.

With the price of consumer goods and services surging and interest rates showing no sign of slowing in their upward trend, such an attack on Ventia workers’ pay and conditions is a disgrace and comes at a time when it can be least afforded by workers and their families.

The Union will continue to advocate for a fair and equitable EA at Ventia which assists workers to keep their heads above water. We will continue to keep you updated as bargaining progresses.

In the meantime, if somebody you work with is not yet a member of the CWU, there has never been a better time to join.

Only a strong and united CWU at Ventia can deliver the EA workers and their families need and deserve.

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