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UNI Apro Post and Logistics / APPU Joint Seminar - Hanoi Vietnam

CWU National Senior Industrial Officer, Michael Etue, recently caught up with several participants from the recent UNI Apro P&L/APPU that took place in Hanoi Vietnam and supporting committees in Bangkok Thailand.

22 participants from 14 countries attended the seminar to discuss postal and logistic matters in South East Asia.  Participants were from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to name a few.

Michael has attended conferences in recent times where he has given presentations to participants on the CWU/CEPU and Australia Post. (At his own expense and no cost to the members).

The seminar covers topics such as privatization, liberalization and ongoing changes in post and logistics in the region.  The CWU National Office has provided support to these unions who are organizing in very difficult work environments.

Workers in DHL Malaysia recently won a union recognition ballot with the global company where UNI played a key role in organising workers over the years. Burma (Myanmar) is another recent example where UNI assisted postal workers in setting up the first postal union in Burma.

“It is important that the CWU/CEPU play a role in postal and logistics discussions and campaigns in our region” Michael said. “We need to assist in lifting the wages, working conditions and entitlements of our fellow union members in our region.” “Postal organisations around the world meet and exchange information and unions need to do the same.”

The CWU/CEPU continues to play a key role in UNI Appro in the region thanks to Michael’s involvement.

(UNI Appro is a part of UNI Global Union which is based Switzerland and represents more than 20 million workers from over 900 trade unions in the fastest growing sectors in the world – skills and services. UNI Appro represents workers in Post and Logistics.)

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