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Through the smoke and mirrors: TPG Telecom Group workers still face substantial real-terms pay cuts

Earlier this week, we reported on TPG Telecom’s proposed wage outcome which will leave their frontline retail, call centre and logistics workers, along with their families, facing significant financial pain.

TPG has revised this proposal, and it is still a pay cut, in real-terms.

Workers know the cost of everything is increasing – from groceries and petrol to clothing, leisure and utilities.

TPG’s revised proposal to guarantee a wage increase of just 3% across all workers covered by the EA – with up to 1% more payable at your manager’s discretion based on your performance has left a sour taste in workers’ mouths.

Inflation, the measure to determine the change in spending required for households to maintain a standard of living, is currently running at a rate of 6.1% - that’s right now, and it is forecasted to continue to soar. This means, at this very moment, even if management decide that you, individually, are up to scratch to pick up an additional 1%, with the combined 4% increase, your family’s finances will still be running at a 2.1% deficit. As inflation continues to rise, the shortfall in your pay packet gets bigger while you are waiting until March 2023 to see a single cent of it.

But it gets worse. TPG is proposing to include unpopular elements of the current Vodafone EA which will see permanent retail employees who work up to 12 hours after 6pm (or 20 hours on Saturdays), within a 2-week roster cycle, not receive penalty rates for those hours. Casual workers will still be paid penalty rates, but will lose their 25% casual loading.

No amount of window dressing will soften the blow to TPG workers and their families under this real terms pay cut proposal. Whichever way you look at it, if TPG get their way, workers and their families are in for real financial pain as the cost-of-living soars, whilst pay races downhill.

Your Union has made it clear to management that the offer doesn’t cut the mustard, yet TPG intends to formally offer the proposed Agreement to workers some time in September.

TPG workers are worth more, and their families deserve better. Together, we can deliver the pay and conditions that TPG workers and their families deserve.

We are committed to continue bargaining with management in good faith to secure the very best possible outcome, and we need to be able to get you the most up to date and urgent information as quickly as possible, as this matter progresses.

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