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$100 for workers while Post boss pockets a tidy salary

Australia Post has decided to offer employees a $100 payment in the form of a pre-paid card. But to receive the payment, workers must sign up to Post’s digital mail box. Will it also mean the end of paper pay slips?

The offer is subject to Post meeting community service performance standards. This is curious given Mr Fahour wants to get rid of CSOs. The pre-paid card won’t be available until August. Some members have said its Post’s way of using blackmail to get people to sign up to the digital mail box. Post wanted this to end pay slips when they wanted you to skip a week’s pay last year - and have the loss made up on termination of employment? We fought that - and WON!

The Post boss says that he will not take a bonus this financial year. The bonuses for the senior executives reporting to the CEO will also be cut by 50%.  Mr Fahour may not receive a bonus this year but he is still pocketing a tidy salary. Last year the CEO earned $4.8 million in salary and bonuses. That’s $92,307 a week or $ 18,461 a day or $2,307 an hour. Most postal workers don’t earn in a year what Mr Fahour earns in a week.

The top 10 executives earned more than a total of $20 million last year and there are over 400 Post executives with packages over $200,000 a year. Postal workers got 1.5% pay rise in 2013 when Mr Fahour had a 66% pay rise in the same year.

As it is a pre-paid card it will have restrictions. So don't spend it all at once – yet.

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