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Australia Post “becoming a parcels business” says CEO

Save our Posties

Save Our Posties

Peter Martin suggests postal services should be cut to twice a week (Comment 15/1).

Should 200 people drive to a local depot to collect their post, or is it better for one vehicle to deliver all the post in that area? Few couriers travel outside the main business areas. If they do, they tend to use larger vehicles that necessitate increased road maintenance and they often empty to their depot. Australia Post offers a two-way network with economies of scale over the entire country.

Where are the new jobs for the unemployed posties? Ageism and poor vocational education in the rural areas would see the psychological impacts of unemployment, poverty and discrimination. Also, posties develop close relationships with their local communities, particularly in rural areas.

Would you send a bereavement email? Do you reflect on your place in the world in 140 characters? Do prosioners, the homeless or young childern have online access? Hopefully our social structure is broader than the internet. There is nothing like getting a letter from a friend.

Deidre Granger, Fish Creek.


Why Letters Matter

For people who believe Australia Post should be sold, can I just say that it does not only deliever personal letters. Where I work, we send out hundreds of letters a day. Not many of the places to which we send mail use email. Many times, email drops out and letters that we send by this method do not arrive.

Without Australia Post, we would not be able to accomplish quite a bit of our business. Taking the narrow views is not helpful. Australia Post does more the just delievers your granny's postcard.

Daid Jeffery, East Geelong.

Source: The Age

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