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Protection of 5 day letter delivery will save jobs

Post has been seeking changes to the letters service for some time and the national CWU has with other stakeholders opposed these changes. Post initially wanted to have standard mail delivered only two or three days per week but we fought this and mail will still be delivered 5 days a week. We are still fighting to protect your job security and take home pay.

Last week the Federal Government approved changes to Post’s delivery service to introduce a two speed mail service. The change does not require legislation, but can be disallowed in the Senate if Labor, the Greens and some of the cross bench oppose it.

The change allows Post to introduce “Fast speed” current next day delivery in cities etc but will now cost more. “Slow speed” can take at least 2 more days to deliver. Post want a $1.00 stamp for this service. The ACCC has to approve some stamp prices and this is not automatic.

The purpose behind the Post proposal is to move as much mail as it can to the slow speed. This allows Post at least three days to process metro mail and more time in country areas to deliver mail. This will affect Delivery night sorting and mail processing positions. Post has already begun seeking volunteers from night shift to move to the day shift. This means a reduction from 30% penalty shift to 15% or zero penalty shift allowances.

Mail processing in country areas can almost be eliminated as mail will be trucked to the capital city for processing. Other members report a proposal to reduce the number of delivery centres in Brisbane and change line-haul routes. There are up to 1000 night sorting and mail processing positions in NSW that are under threat in metropolitan, rural and regional centres.

Your national union is demanding extensive consultation with Post at state and national level. We want facts, not hollow assurances or rumours. We are insisting no compulsory redundancies and no forced shift changes. We want a national working party to address these problems so that all outcomes are fair and equitable.

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