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AEC declares 2019 national election results

The Australian Electoral Commission has today declared the following members elected in this year’s CEPU Communications Division (National) election:

National Divisional President - Shane Murphy

National Divisional Secretary - Greg Rayner

National Divisional Assistant Secretary (Postal) - Nicole Robinson

National Divisional Assistant Secretary (Telecommunications) - James Perkins

National Divisional Vice President - Bernie Clarke

National Divisional Vice President Affirmative Action - Elly Huttly

Divisional President Shane Murphy said he was humbled by the result.

“I am extremely grateful for the support shown to our team by members across the country,

“When I think back to the start of my career in our industry as a mail sorter in Parramatta Post Office in 1988, right up to the point of when I was first asked to become more involved with our Union while I was employed as a liney at Telstra – I never imagined I would be given the opportunity and the privilege, twice, to represent our members at such a senior level in our Union.

“Your confidence in our team is not taken for granted.

“Members across our industries are up against many obstacles – the state of the economy, the changing nature and disruption of our industries and anti-worker attitudes and policies within governments.

“However, each and every member of this team is excited and eager to face up to those obstacles and fight to deliver the very best outcomes possible for members, and their families.” Said Shane.

Divisional Secretary Greg Rayner said his team would fight to deliver reform to ensure the future sustainability of our Union.

“When you’re on the road for long periods, like I was as a PTO truck driver at Australia Post many moons ago, many things go through your head – you have a lot of time to yourself, to think,

“And as an AUR, a lot of the time those thoughts would be focussed on how I was going to tackle a member’s local issue, or how I was going to approach that new-starter to make sure they joined the Union.

“Never did those thoughts ever wonder to the incredible honour it would be to one day be penning this notice to you following my re-election as your National Secretary, for a second term.

“For that honour, I thank those members that supported our team and put their faith in to our positive and inclusive plans to secure our Union for generations of communication workers to come.

“To those that didn’t support our team – we will continue to work just as hard for you, regardless of your vote. Divisiveness is a bosses’ tactic and has no place in our organisation. Isolating sections of our membership from national campaigns and significant decision-making processes do not deliver the outcomes you and your families deserve.

“Sometimes, however, the impossible is just that – impossible. And it is extremely easy to throw rocks from the sidelines, particularly for those who have responsibilities to members that end there.

“However, those rocks will not deter us from continuing to deliver the best possible outcomes for all members – regardless of where you work, what your classification or designation is and which state you live in.

“Members have clearly demanded a united and sustainable Union, led by a leadership team that is focussed on what’s best for members – not infighting and political point scoring at the expense of your job security and your conditions.

“My team and I will continue to deliver that – we won’t let you down.

"We are working out the final details on a comprehensive implementation plan for the future of our Union with foundations based on maximising and realigning our resources to deliver better every-day outcomes for members.

“This plan will see the continued streamlining of administration and governance processes whilst removing wasteful spending on duplicate and triplicate cost overheads – putting more Officials on the ground, not behind desks in ivory towers.

“Growing our density and investing in recruitment in new and emerging occupations within our industries will deliver the means for our Union to campaign for even greater outcomes for members, present and future.

“Our Union is much bigger than the titles and job functions of its caretakers.

“And the future viability of a relevant and influential Union for workers in our industries is certainly more important than the sustainability of the jobs of individuals who are happy to continue managing declining membership, influence and relevance – so long as they continue to receive a wage at the end of the week.

“My team and I, along with the State Branch leadership teams across the majority of the country understand this – and are willing to do whatever it takes to reform our Union to remain relevant and to sustainably deliver the services and benefits our members and their families deserve, for decades to come.

“And we will continue to fine-tune this plan in full consultation with you and your State Branch representatives – not through dictating and takeovers.

“We’re also eager to get right back in to pouring our focus in to those more immediate matters on our horizon – finalising the Telstra EBA, advocating for those affected by the telco’s assault on jobs, continuing to support the legal process determined to end sham contracting in the telecommunications industry and preparing our campaign plan for the next round of bargaining at Australia Post.

“Thank you, once again, for the incredible honour it has been, and will continue to be, to serve as your National Secretary for another term.” Said Greg.

Finally, it is fitting to acknowledge a historical first for our organisation, with members electing James Perkins as Divisional Assistant Secretary (Telecommunications).

James, a proud descendant of the Dunghutti and Bundjalung Aboriginal nations of today’s greater Northern NSW region, began his career with the Union movement as an organiser with the CFMEU Construction and General Division.

In 2010 he was appointed as an industrial officer within our Union’s NSW Telecommunications and Services Branch and in 2017 commenced as an industrial officer with the NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch – where he focussed on organising, advocating for and servicing members within the Branch’s telecommunications and postal engineering and technical occupational groups.

Throughout his career with our Union James has represented members on various senior governance bodies as a Branch Committee of Management member, a member of the Communications Divisional Executive and a Councillor of the wider CEPU’s National Council.

Today, we celebrate our continued advancement of diversity and join together to congratulate James on his historic election as the first indigenous full-time National representative of our great Union.

Yours faithfully,


GREG RAYNER                                        
DIVISIONAL SECRETARY                          


A copy of the AEC's declaration can be downloaded by clicking here.

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