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Union congratulates workers on Australia Post profit announcement

Your Union welcomed today’s Australia Post profit announcement.

CEPU Communications Division National Secretary Greg Rayner said the almost tripling of the national postal carrier’s profit demonstrated successful transformation to profitability can occur without massive job cuts.

“The Accord signed between the Union and Australia Post allowed the company to embark on a journey of significant transformation, while ensuring the job security of employees affected by that reform,” said Mr Rayner.

“The terms of that agreement have ensured that not a single Award level employee affected by reform has involuntarily lost their job as a result – in stark contrast to outcomes we have witnessed across other iconic Australian companies in recent times.

“That outcome is not a reflection of a protectionist industrial arrangement of days gone by, but a clear demonstration of the value of genuine consultation and workforce participation.

“This has enabled our members to be part of significant change, rather than merely falling victim to it.”

Government bargaining policy a slap in the face for workers

Throughout the recent enterprise bargaining process, Australia Post maintained they were bound by the terms of the Federal Government’s Public Sector Workplace Bargaining Policy – a position reiterated by the company and confirmed by Departmental staff and the Minister in Senate Estimates hearings.

The policy restricts wage bargaining outcomes in Government Business Enterprises, such as Australia Post, to two per cent per-annum.

Mr Rayner said that while workers welcomed today’s profit announcement, the accompanying news of excessive executive remuneration was a hard pill to swallow.

“Thirty thousand-odd postal workers are today picking up newspapers and learning not just how well the company has performed, but how that outcome is reflected in the massive salaries and bonuses paid to the company’s top executives.

“The Turnbull Government’s interference in recent bargaining prevented workers from achieving a wage outcome that too reflected their contribution to the company’s successful commercial outcomes.

“It is nothing less than a slap in the face for each and every postal worker.

“The Turnbull Government is out of touch with ordinary workers and their costs of living.” 

Mr Rayner said the Prime Minister, in his former role of Communications Minister, was personally aware of the arrangements pertaining to the remuneration of the former CEO and should apologise to every postal worker for subjecting them to his Government’s unfair wage policy.

“Malcolm Turnbull himself defended the company’s executive remuneration process citing the independent nature of its board.

“That independence wasn’t extended to the determination of wages for workers at the bottom of the food chain.

“An apology from the Prime Minister for this clear injustice is the very least they deserve.”

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