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Wages at Decipha to increase by 6.1%

As members are well aware, off the back of a faster than expected economic rebound – inflation is soaring.

When we wrapped up Decipha EBA negotiations, members overwhelmingly voted in favour of the Agreement.

This EBA delivered a 3% per annum wage rise which, at the time of voting, was a market-leading wage outcome, with the nation’s leading economists predicting inflation to peak at only 2.5% by the first quarter of 2023.

However, by November 2021, inflation had already hit 2.75%.

As economists scrambled to adjust their forecasting, the Union sought urgent discussions with Australia Post around wages agreed to as part of both the Post and Decipha EBAs.

Negotiations were quick and fruitful and additional commitments were quickly secured, providing for Australia Post EBA wages to rise by CPI, or the 3% provided by the EBA, whichever was greater in the current quarter. Australia Post further committed further to matching the Decipha wage rise to the level paid at Australia Post.

The September 2022 quarterly announcement saw the CPI rate jump to 6.1%. Accordingly, Australia Post wages increased by 6.1%.

Consequently, wages at Decipha will also rise by 6.1% applicable from the pay period beginning 27 February 2023 – which will be paid in the week commencing 13 March.

This important outcome will assist members at Decipha to keep up with the cost of living, as inflation soars.

This was an incredible outcome to be reached outside the bargaining period and one which would certainly not have been secured without the strong density of our Union’s membership across Australia Post and Decipha.

It is important that we continue to grow in strength at Decipha, to continue delivering the best possible outcomes for our members and their families.

Each and every member is critical to maintaining, and building, the strength of our Union at Decipha.

If you work with somebody who is not yet a CWU member, ask them to join today.



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